back to article UK PC sales plunged in Q1

Brits aren't buying so many computers these days, but they are taking to tablets. But while tablet sales are well up year on year, it hasn't been enough to compensate for slowing notebook, netbook and desktop demand. UK PC sales during the first quarter of the year were down 7.7 per cent, well below the European average of 2. …


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UK PC sales plunged in Q1

Would this have anything to do with the market maturing? That the PC I built 3 years ago or bought 2 years ago is still more powerful than I would ever need?

Or is it, perhaps, because I can't buy a new one without buying a new copy of Windows, which I already own?

Oh no, it's because I haven't got any money. Certainly not to splash out on something I don't need.


re: maturing market

That's a fair point, aside from gamers and enthusiasts a 2-3 year old machine is plenty powerful (not allowing for windows rot) and considering the financial state of affairs, why splash out on a new one that's a bit slicker?

Perhaps it will turn out that the market can't support a new laptop / mobile / gps / tablet / games console every year per person. I know *my* finances cant...

saying that I can't take my eyes off that 17" XPS with the backlit keyboard and 3GB graphics card.


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Too true. My 3 year old cheap laptop is a dual core with 2gb RAM (cost me under 500 quid). will be using that until it breaks. No point as desktop runs fast on it and plays Hd content


This time blame the retailers

And the fact that major retailers are still pushing the same outdated tat, or have cut back their ranges while waiting for them to get refreshed, has nothing to do with this at all?


bored with "things"

Keep wanting to get that tablet, and everytime I am about to buy it, I think that I could spend that money on more gliding lessons ... or a mountain trek in the alps

Not that I can't afford it ... I just am tired of pieces of equipment I plug everywhere

I have PCs , laptops, smartphones, consoles, flat TVs , and some day, wish I had none of it, but climbed K2 instead.

maturing market indeed, in all senses of the word...

the next tech I buy will have to be a time machine, or a teleporter

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