back to article Facebook: No 'definite plans' to ARM data centers

Facebook's first custom-built data center – the Prineville, Oregon facility that it just "open sourced" – uses standard x86 chips from Intel and AMD. But there's little doubt the social networking giant is exploring the use of so-called massively multicore servers packed with hundreds of low-power ARM chips, or even silicon from …


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Amdahls law

In amongst the orgy of lets lets-see-how-many-cores-we-can-stuff-on-a-chip I wondered when *someone* would recall that.

Something to keep in mind.

Simple example. You have 48 cores on a chip.

Have you got 48 *address* buses to match them?

Interleave *48* address requests with *minimal* (I don't believe that many execution paths could interleave perfectly) gaps?

48 (or 96 or more) memory planes to match them?


That explains it

You mean "what were they smoking when they designed that?"?

I was wondering what TFA meant by "new-age chip maker Tilera".

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