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BitTorrent is trying to get over its bad rep with the content industry by leveraging the vast audience of its downloaders for good instead of evil. Speaking at MipTV’s Connected Creativity forum BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker said “our big challenge is that our technology gets used for things that don’t make us many friends in …


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The thing they MUST realize, but probably won't...

is they will NOT grab the attention of very many bittorrent users if the alternative is "You pay us, you get a file that is locked to a single machine, and you must use our shitty proprietary video player, on a specific version of Windows, which might or might not work."

If I buy content, I don't care if it's watermarked or something, I have no intention of buying stuff then sticking it right back up on bittorrent. What I care about is being able to get a video, type "mplayer video.mp4" and have it play! Also, I will usually play it on my desktop, but I want to be able to freely copy stuff to my netbook and possibly occasionally to my phone.


This title is redundant ...

+1 from me



damn right.

As long as they treat me, the customer like that, they can go take a dump for all I care.

Media I buy has to be playable platform independent with whatever software tickles me that day.

If the purchasable option can't do that, there are other options.

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Freely distributable....

If content was marked as freely distributable then I would seed it. The biggest issue with bittorrent as I see it is that you are at risk of copyright infringement (or whatever similar law) for even downloading, due to the nature of also uploading at the same time. Downloading parts of a torrent file which are not copyright also have the disadvantage that you may actually be downloading part that are without being able to prevent it. I occasionally use bittorrent but am very wary about the "ambulance chasing shysters:Law" type companies assuming that i have somehow broken the law. If i could be sure the content was freely distributable i would be more encouraged to download it and to seed it.

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“You can livestream to millions of people at low cost and zero latency”

Say what!? No you can't. Even radio broadcasting doesn't have zero latency!

Making claims like that will just get you laughed out of the meeting - broadcasters *know* about latency - most of their technical budget is spent minimising it prior to it 'going out of the building'.

Torrent-casting fundamentally must introduce a lot of extra latency on top of the link, as you can only seed what you've already recieved, and a live stream can only have one source during transmission - every other seed must be a buffered repeat.

How about you make a claim that's actually believable? Then you might get some takeup.


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As far as I can tell, people don't look at their torrent clients, they go to $torrent_site and click "open" on the thing they want to steal. The application is then launched, sent to tray or taskbar and left until transfer is complete.

The client serves no other purpose and any bells and whistles they put into will either get switched off or ignored.

Or have I misunderstood what they are on about?

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I claim first prize in a "spot the troll" competition!

"click "open" on the thing they want to steal"

Did I win? eh? eh? did I? eh?

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