back to article Toshiba: PS3 chip too hot for tellies

If you're wondering why Toshiba has been rather quiet about the Cell processor of late - last year it was very keen to tell World+Dog it would be putting the PlayStation 3 chip into high-end sets - it's because it has realised it can't put the thing into televisions. Last year's Cell TVs all shoved the CPU into a separate box …


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  1. DrXym Silver badge

    SpursEngine etc.

    The Cell is a family of processors, of which the one in the PS3 is just one of them. There is no reason that one that went into a TV would need to run at the same clock rate, or have the same number of SPUs or even have the same CPU architecture.

    For example Toshiba have had the SpursEngine for 3 years now. It is a a coprocessor which has 4 SPUs, no CPU, some hardware accelerated H264 / MPEG-2 circuitry and ran at 1.5Ghz. The idea was you stuck it on a board of laptop, or in a TV and called it from the main processor which could be x86, ARM or whatever.

    Maybe CEVO is just a further refinement, integrating a low power CPU and rejigging the SPUs making it more suitable for TV devices and so on.

  2. SpaMster

    Why dosnt this surprise me?

    The cell already runs too hot for the ps3 system, hence the crazy amounts of YLOD since it's release, how they thought for a second that a flat screen panel would be able to put up with that kind of heat with minimal ventilation is beyond me.

  3. Carol Orlowski


    It's not the Playstation3 chip, it's a derivative of.

    Half as many cores, running 1/4 of the clock with less local store and a much less powerful PPE.

    Basically it's nothing like the PS3 chip then......

  4. Shades

    I dread to think... much them TVs will cost!

  5. Wize

    Not all of us wall mount the buggers

    So will they allow their extra box to clip onto the back of the TV and have less boxes on the TV stand?

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