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Apple’s AirPlay audio streaming facility is beginning to trickle out to an increasing range of devices, but Marantz took it to market first with the Melody Media – an enticing box of audio tricks, which includes a CD player, FM/AM/DAB+ tuner and Internet radio plus a 2 x 60W amplifier. Marantz Melody Media The Marantz Melody …


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I've had a Pure Evoke FLow for years. wi-fi, streaming from my NAS, internet radio, fm, dab (dab+ isn't going to be in the uk for a while?). Personally, I stopped using cd's long ago. And it has a built in speaker and battery portability for bathroom / BBQ. Takes firmware updates automatically. Who needs apple?

Hell of a lot cheaper, and more versatile. Not for everyone, but suits me better to have something I can take from room to room, then plug into a generic amp in the kitchen. I use xbmc on a Revo with my main amp in the living room.

Just a cheaper alternative for some people... (there are so many cheaper, open alternatives in this market!).


£500? No wi-fi?

No wi-fi is laughable for a device in this price bracket. It's a bedroom device and I don't really want to be running CAT-5 cables up the stairs. Nice try Marantz but no thanks.


No worse than the Denon CEOL...

The comparison review of the Denon CEOL (RCD-N7 + speakers) made play of the wi-fi that it has over the Marantz, but given powerline ethernet is generally more reliable and doesn't require loads of Cat5.

Featurewise, the Marantz can drive 2 pairs of speakers (the CEOL can't) and can be used bi-amped to power 1 pair (for greater control) - I use this feature to drive a thumping pair of B&W DM603's and I can vouch for the sound quality. This little box replaced a 4-box Arcam Alpha rig!

The only gripe about any of the new crop of boxes featuring AirPlay is the rip-off for the firmware upgrade! Aren't you buying these boxes because of this feature? Why get charged extra?

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