back to article Google relocates Australian AdWords customers

One of the anchor-tenants of what was formerly the Irish economic miracle, Google, is moving the administration of Australian AdWords customers to Singapore. In what could be interpreted as a corporate bet on the future of Ireland’s low corporate taxes, the Chocolate Factory told Australian customers of the change on Tuesday …


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The only "upgrade" I can see is that Adword customer will now be and to phone Google at a reasonable local time instead of having to wait for someone in Ireland to get to the office at a 10-or-11 hour time difference.


Reasonable Time ?


Well I suppose if you're in Europe and are an Adword customer then having the business there is going to make it reasonable for you.

What you mean is that is unreasonable if you're more than 8 hours from UTC.


@Nameless Mist

Re-read the article: it was specifically talking about *Australian* customers.


Google - the Do No Evil company

Yes, and legal shenanigans to shuffle your tax liabilities around the world for optimal corporate benefit does no evil to anyone, right?

At what point does ethics enter the equasion?


Yes, sorry, stupid question, I'll get my coat.

Thumb Down

When does paying the shareholders become evil

Firstly, as a shareholder, either directly or though pension plans, I would expect any company to pay no tax it need not pay. The last organisation I expect to use money wisely is government.

Secondly, when did it become the corporate world's responsibility to harmonise the international tax regime. Following your logic Google would never have set up in Ireland as it is a US company. I'm sure the Irish would be as pleased with that policy as Google current move.

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