back to article Sony reveals DAB+ radio range

Sony has introduced its first DAB+ radios, bringing forward the technology while rewinding time with design. The Sony XDR-S16DBP is a retro-looking portable radio encompassed by a wooden body that delivers sound through two built-in 0.8W speakers. An compact LCD screen displays all the relevant information. XDR-S16DBP The …


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DAB+ eh?

Bleeding edge new technology? Will it bring a longer than 9 minutes snooze facility? If so I welcome our DAB+ overlords.

Anonymous Coward

dab+ vs

"dab+ get to the uk eventually"? doesn't that assume a certain amount of good sense, and infrastructure-building instinct and affection for idea of a state within govt?

the beeb have just switched off 648MHz (world service in western europe),for crying out loud. they're operating the entire service in the total absence of their entire former annual foreign office grant budget, as of about now.

i would be surprised were there any intelligent speech left to listen to by the time dab+ comes out in the uk, if it ever does.

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Great, so I get to pay extra money to Sony on the off chance some idiot at the BBC can convince the government that there is so much money available it would be possible to spent some of this on a "bleeding edge" technology which has been in use in FR and DE for about 3 years.


My phone does FM and Internet radio just fine thank you. My Roku box does the Internet stuff at home, remind me why I want to lose FM.

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