back to article The mainframe comes of age ... again?

Economic pressure has led to more finance directors and CFOs scrutinising expenditure to a painstaking level of detail. The aim is to ensure that IT can deliver what the business needs at the lowest cost while still meeting the never-diminishing expectations of the board and shareholders. As a result, in-depth examinations …


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Mainframe shameframe

Having spent the last five years removing and melting old iron, I think not.

The main reason is that the high priesthood running the mainframes are quite literally dying and there isn't a queue to replace them.

Maybe the tech could be a force for good but the market is owned by IBM so I don't see why c-level thinkers would want to escape from freedom of choice to a compute power jail. The jailer in this case is well known by the community for frequent application of thumbscrews.

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the big vendors agree

IBM and Sun/Orakle seem to agree with their OS and hardware capabilities. Solaris11 has much better tools for working out how containers are going against limits.


spreading the cost

<The result is that IT and the business often compromise and adopt an average charge per user that can bear little resemblance to reality as different types of users have wildly divergent usage patterns.>

It is the heavy users who are increasing your system's value above that of scrap iron. There is a lot to be said for such a subsidy, beyond its simplicity. I've done something similar in the past when charging back on data use while subsidising data entry.

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Yeh but No but ..

I thought that was what the cloud was about.

A mainframe with smart terminals as opposed to a mainframe with dumb terminals (is that word ok to use now?)




This is the 4th or 5th article on the Reg in the last couple of weeks* on the lines of "Hey, don't forget about the mainframe - it's really cool!". As Richard Hammond would say on Brainiac - "Don't do this at home. NO REALLY - DON'T!".

Is someone giving out brown envelopes to get this tripe published?

The mainframe is a relic of the past and like all good relics should be put in a museum where it belongs (next to IE6!), so the rest of us can get on with the job of making modern systems that work properly, with a gradually reducing ongoing maintenance profile (yes, "gradually" - we still have a long way to go).


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