back to article Cisco fleshes out FCoE offering

Cisco has fleshed out is Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) offering with an end-to-end-capability from servers to storage arrays and back again via Nexus and MDS9500 switches. FCoE involves the transmission of Fibre Channel protocol messages along Ethernet links. Because Fibre Channel relies on a deterministic network that …


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And 2 years after the main event.........

The usual ifs, buts and maybes from the great Marketeeers from Tasman Drive! Nothing new here and no meaningful commitment. Let's be totally honest, they can't even do 8gb properly so to even think about 16gb is beyond fanciful. Brocade have already been shipping FCoE devices for over a year and also have truly converged platforms installed which are not dependent on the hopelessly proprietary "standards" that Cisco cling to.

Smell the coffee guys!!

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