back to article Foxtel calls on wisdom of the clouds

Foxtel is fighting back after a self confessed “dreary” 18 month subscriber slump with a fresh IP centric set top box attack. Australia’s biggest PayTV provider conceded that the free to air channel’s Freeview offering and new IPTV providers had taken their toll on the Foxtel model. “Freeview has temporarily taken our ‘choice …


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That's it

I've had anough of this shit. They just do not get it at all.

Foxtel is in the Content business. They need to broadcast interesting programming.

They aren't doing this.

No amount of cloud based bullshit is going to change this. No fancy new set top box is going to lure back subscribers who have left because paying every month for nothing to watch just isn't viable.

So, I've had enough and am finally going to do what I have been talking about for a year and cancel my Foxtel subscription.


Content Delivery

They don't get the other side either. While they suck as a content provider, they also suck at the content delivery.

For years they have insisted on only providing content on their limited HFC network which only passes a fraction of the population. They tested IP STB's years ago but needed to recoup the massive cost of the HFC deployment where they decide to race Optus down the same streets.

They have done everything possible since then to try to stop the deployment of IPTV until recently deciding to deploy an xbox client.

What they should be doing is working WITH every major ISP to deploy foxtel via IP. There's only 5 major ISP's in australia - how hard would it have been to put a connection into each one of those ISPs cores and then worked with them to deploy multicasting.

Instead, they now have to play catchup with FetchTV who have played a far smarter game.

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You'll be glad you did

I certainly haven't looked back since I gave up mine. You just realise that no matter how shit the TV is most of what you watch is still on Free-to-air so why bother paying. Now if they offered per program, or per series subscriptions at a reasonable price they may have something to offer instead of the bundle of turds they currently retail. That you pay for an HD box then an extra $10 for the HD version of the channels you've already subscribed to says it all.

Anonymous Coward

There's a reason they call it the "idiot's lantern"

We told Foxtel where to stick their set top box when they initially brought out digital cable (we had an analogue box).

They tell us they give us "choice". Yeah? You give us choice of bundles, so we have to buy subscriptions to three or four of those bundles to get the half dozen channels we *are* interested in, as well as the three dozen channels we couldn't care less about.

I've actually rediscovered radio in a big way. Feeding my brain and imagination rather than letting them rot. Apart from the odd thing on the ABC, which I can retrieve via a podcast freely anyway, there's nothing on the television that interests me.

Consequently when I'm home alone, the television gets completely ignored. Likely when I move into a place of my own, I will not be purchasing a television set. Between internet news services, and the radio (including shortwave), there's plenty to check out, and it doesn't necessarily demand that I sit there and stare at a screen at a given moment.

With web pages, I can bookmark a page and come back to it. In the case of radio I can be doing things that require I keep my eyes focused on the task at hand whilst listening, such as my regular day job, or even riding the bicycle to and from the workplace. How hard is it to stick a radio on-board? Not very. Try doing that with Foxtel.

Want talk-back radio? Plenty of commercial stations that you can ring into. Alternatively, if you don't like a presenter driving the agenda, get an amateur radio license, and join a net, a real-time many-to-many discussion which can take place whilst at home, or mobile. Talking in an interactive way (and not just typing on a keyboard like this) is a good way to keep the mind active, and is a lot more engaging than the box you just turn on and idly sit in front of.

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Too Expensive

Perhaps they might do better if they dropped their prices. To get just sport you need to pay $70 per month. To get sport, and one movie pack you're looking at $86 per month. If you also want Discovery Science, The History Channel and BBC Knowledge you need to add on another $16 - or go with the Gold Value Pack at $105 per month. HD is an extra $15 on top of that. If you want all the movies it's even more.

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Quotas = FoxFail

Australia has traffic quotas. Foxtel downloads currently come in at a lovely 300-700mb per half hour episode of a television show, depending on various factors (broadcast definition etc). So your quota doesn't allow you to watch much.

The other IPTV options (FetchTV et al) only survive in Australia by virtue of the fact that they are quota free on the ISP's that offer their services (eg, iinet and internode).

Foxtel will only partner with Bigpond, so unless you are a bigpong subscriber, no quota free Foxtel for you (Even then, partnering with Bigpond took a LONG time to happen).

Oops....there goes half your market. What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the noise of all those fed up subscribers rushing to FetchTV, Freeview and torrent downloads of CURRENT TV shows, not 5 year old repeats of the same old pap!

Lets not even get into the whole issue of most people not having enough line speed to watch foxtel over the internet if anyone else happens to want to cruise the net.....

Paris, because shes so old news, she might actually show up on Foxtel this season....

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