back to article Red Hat rolls up RHEL 6.1 beta

Commercial Linux distie and soon-to-be billion dollar baby Red Hat has rolled up the first update of its Enterprise Linux 6 operating system and kicked it out there for beta testing. The beta of RHEL 6.1 has support for new hardware, as updates always do, but also includes software functionality that didn't make the cut before …


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There is also a program called F5-Cache that provides a persistent cache for NFS.

I think you mean fs-cache!

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Re: fs-cache

But of course. Blasted dyslexia. Yes, I had trouble spelling that, too.


And where the hell is CentOS 6!?

Red Hat are already at 6.1 and CentOS has yet to release 6. What the hell are they doing?!


More to the point, where's CentOS 5.6?

The CentOS team have already released 4.9 and are working on 5.6, but sadly this seems to be going at a glacial pace. CentOS 6 will be released some time after 5.6, but how long after is anyone's guess.

Apart from their slow pace, it's worrying that some security updates to 5.5 aren't get a timely release (they should always be near or at the front of the porting queue surely?) and the disappointingly closed build system makes it hard from anyone outside the CentOS developer "elite" to help out.

There's also been a dearth of communication from the CentOS developers about their progress, though they've finally started to actually give progress reports on the developers list at long last. Some users are already jumping ship to Scientific Linux because of all of the above, but I'm remaining patient - it is a free distro after all and I'm willing to wait.

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