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What is it? The Nintendo 3DS is the successor to the Nintendo DS handheld games console and can produce 3D effects without the need for special glasses. Not only can users play games in 3D, but they can also take pictures with its two cameras, as well as network with Wi-Fi. More on that later. So how exactly does the screen …


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Here is a question for you.....

I spend most of my travelling, in fact 80% is in Africa and the other 20% in airports.

If I bought a DS [DSI or 3D for that matter] in, say, Frankfurt, and a "standard" game , can I :

1 : have English as my default language on the machine

2 : have English as the language of the game

3 : play games bought in Blighty, I would I left left holding a Teutonic only box.....

There are some good deals in Airports on DSi, if the above is Yes, Yes and Yes, then they /are/ good deals, but not, then not.........



This topic is closed for new posts.


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