back to article Oracle cash grows on new licenses, hardware

It looks like Larry Ellison's net worth is set to go up some more. And maybe yours too, if you own Oracle stock. The software giant and recent hardware company turned in its numbers for its third quarter of fiscal 2011 today, and the numbers were solid. Oracle said that overall revenues in the quarter ended February 28 rose by …


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liar liar pants on fire

The only person I believe in the executive suite is Safra.....notice how any time the mention of Exadata or exalogic sales is quoted it is Larry or Mark. Mark is not known for his truth either.

What exactly is a "bunch" or "a good number" hmmm maybe 100? What happened to "approaching $2B"

you can only lie so long before it catches up to you and you get burned


re: liar liar pants on fire

It's funny how I keep hearing from Oracle competitors that Oracle is lying about how many Exadata systems they're selling, but Oracle still keeps on showing happy Exadata customers while the competitors show nothing -- I also hear from friends and analysts how happy everyone is with Exadata. Hey Teradata and IBM, show me how you're gonna compete with Exadata. Don't tell me how Exadata sucks cuz Oracle can't be selling as many as they say they are...

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What I want to know...

Is who the hell wants Larry on their jury panel? Is it a lawsuit against Microsoft? :)

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