back to article Grid storage - crafted for SMBs

Small and medium businesses generally want reliable, cheap and simple to use storage; not pushing-the-envelope stuff like grid storage. Gridstore hopes to turn that situation around with its $499 1TB filer box which can grow by adding more boxes. Gridstore's NASg is a 1U 1TB or 2TB box that's powered by an Atom processor …


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Awesome price if it works

A few months ago I evaluated a similar system made by Scale Computing which was being marketed as a NAS AND iSCSI SAN alternative, the system worked really well, pull the plug on 1 or 2 boxes and the system stayed up - great for HA purposes.

Even though the system was reasonably price for the entry system (£5000-£10000 for a 3 unit cluster) - but this system is massively cheaper, so if it works, could be a game changer.

Best of luck to them.

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It had better ship with comprehensive anti-virus software, being so promiscuous.


Isilon Branding

There were so many Isilon adverts served with my version of the piece I actually thought I was looking at a new Isilon product!

You guys should look at your advertising policies.

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