back to article Can telephony and IT work together?

Today at 11am Darren Stone from West Yorkshire Fire Service explains how his burning ambition to use communication technology rescued his organisation. Management problems for multiple devices meant he was constantly putting out fires in IT, answering emergency calls from his staff and sliding down the slippery pole towards …


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Reg reader says 'yes'

Computer says 'nah'.

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This Reg reader says "yes".

This is thirty year old tech ... IBM's world-wide internal network was dynamically switching voice, data and video (with a little help from Network Equipment Technology & ComDesign) in the early 1980s. This included access to the then fledgling and relatively tiny TCP/IP Internet ... and included routing voice over IP.

How do I know? My team designed and physically installed the bloody thing. I could set up a voice call from my Sun Workstation in Redwood City to any city IBM had offices in, world wide, no MaBell long-distance tolls required. Likewise video, when bandwidth was available.

And yes, I could manage the entire thing from my desk (not that I did, mind ... we broke it into easily managed regional chunks ... I managed those managers).

Everything old is new again ...

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