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There was a time when having to use anything but a Nokia phone would evoke fears of disorientation and a general unease about straying from my comfort zone. Sony Ericsson? Where is everything? Motorola? Does it do iSync? Samsung? Er... Even though Nokia never actually overwhelmed Mac users with its support for the platform, if …


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  1. Paul 666
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    why bother?

  2. gerryg


    ...tell me that this means that the final missing piece for my Nokia 5800 is that I'll soon be able to fully interact with my Linux desktop


    Pretty please?

    1. gooddseea


      its so cool looking forward to

  3. Frederick Tennant

    Too Little Too Late

    How long? I needed something for my Mac years ago, great phones you did then but now?

    Im on my second generation of IPhone, (3Gs) and you expect me to return to Nokia with this half finished product? best stick to what your good at, (Windows), now thats a good, finished product. i will not change my work computer for something that crashes 3 times a day (PC).

    Rant over, well I do feel sorry for Nokia, they was the No1., now they are just an old phone company watching the world go by. Most Mac users now have Iphones, we just had to wait too long for you to do something about the lack of support.

    Just a thought, I bet if they look in their Development bin they would find a proposal for an touch screen Os in there which a bright developer came up with but management killed as it was not in keeping with their old ways.

    1. David Beck
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      I don't want a touchsceen phone but

      I do want a phone that has lots of features, GPS+maps, VoIP, WiFI, Java, ...

      Currently I'm stockpiling E-Series phones (E52, E55) , next on the list is an E72. If any of your readers would like to throw one of these useless, out of date, old fashioned, unsophisticated, untrendy pieces of rubbish at me just leave a reply to this post.

      1. gooddseea

        im not agree

        a touch phone is great

  4. David Beck
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    Thank your local deity

    for no OVI Suite. Ovi Suite on the PC is a 300mb pile of steaming excrement which remains in it's latest form less functional than the PC Suite which Nokia have inexplicably chosen to replace. Ovi Suite is a prime example of "form over function".

    "Who cares if it doesn't copy the Contacts DB properly, it looks really pretty."

    "Who cares if it can only download ALL the maps to update one map, it looks really pretty."

    "Who cares if it is unbearably slow at doing the few things that it is able to do, it looks really pretty."

    If Nokia are really going to sack a number of workers I would like to make a few suggestions as where to start.

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