back to article Broadband minister asks ISPs to better 'regulate' industry

Communications minister Ed Vaizey is calling on ISPs to beef up their commitments to providing UK customers with information about how they manage online traffic. At a meeting attended by broadband firms BT, TalkTalk, BSkyB and Virgin Media yesterday, the minister approved of the industry's efforts to agree to "greater …


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What a guy...

I really respect Sir Tim Berners-Lee

I wrote to him with a few questions on the traffic shaping being carried out by my ISP and he replied with a crucial point which answered my questions. This led to me focusing on the correct aspects of Net Neutrality as opposed to just being an angry consumer

Please note, he does not believe QoS to be against Net Neutrality as detailed in his video to the US Congress (It's on youtube)

I really hope he is on board


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It's asynchronous

I believe it's a two way thing. At the moment it's a bit like upload speeds. You get more speed down than up on current DSL technology.

Likewise ISP's need to be a bit more transparent about how they handle traffic instead of burying vague terms and conditions way down in the smallprint which nobody reads because it's never supplied to them in the postal agreement nor is a link given to them in an email when you sign up online.

Basically ISP's need to stop hiding and lying about what you can do with your connection you are paying for. I understand that connections need to be traffic managed. Otherwise those few people hogging it 24/7 will impact everyone else. The reason prices are kept competive in the broadband industry is because they can squeeze so many customers into a limited pipe. There's no point buying bucketloads of fatpipes if it never gets utlized either. It's costlier to the ISP and the customer.

I have no issue with traffic management as long as it is made VERY clear in the T&C's. But the problem is ISP's advertise unlimited when in fact it clearly is not.

Same goes for BT who say they have just lifted the 300GB limit on their full fat milk Infinity package. As long as they were to send an email out to every customer letting them know this I would be happy with it. But I don't know if they have and it's only through news outlets like this one that we know of it.

Basically ISP's need to converse more with their customers and being honest about just what they mean by 'unlimited'.

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Don't mistake Vaizey for someone who know's WTF he's talking about.

He likes this because he thinks it will help him with both the "Age rate all internet sites" *and* the "3 warnings and we cut you off " b****cks of the Digital Economy bill.

His interest in this is *solely* that a less "neutral" net (or rather the big ISP's that hold c96% of the UK market) have demonstrate they have the spyware (or "traffic shaping" equipment as they no doubt prefer to call it) in place to do *his* bidding.

Big Brother

Slightly O.T.

but has anyone else got the idea that has fallen foul of the IWF list?

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