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There was a time when technology was only sexy for a narrow subset of people. These were the folks, like me, who spent their weekends programming sprites in 68000 assembly language. Then, consumerisation happened, and the world was never the same again. Suddenly, everyone was a geek, and the IT department was in serious trouble …


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users will drive this not I.T.

3 thoughts:

1) if Business wants to attract best and brightest young minds it will HAVE to adopt solutions that the users want or have become used to in their personal lives and find me one bright young mind below 23 who has not had access to computers for the last 10 years (in their personal lives

2) I.T. decisions are no longer being taken by I.T. .- they are being taken by business as demanded by users. The option that I.T. has is FIFO and needs to uinderstand that its new role is that of facilitator. The success of any VD solution will be measured by the acceptance of the users.

3) I.T. needs to understand and articulate risk and governance and then find elegant solutions that meet users needs with manageable risk.

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