back to article Alcatel-Lucent touts bit-blazing 100Gbps for Kiwi NBN

French telco vendor Alcatel-Lucent is sending in the big guns – its 100Gbps metro networking – to New Zealand, as the competition to supply the government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative heats up. Alcatel-Lucent is bidding for the contract to supply electronics for the Layer 2 part of the UFB network currently and brought …


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Alcatel-Lucent in NZ

One of the key players for the UFB contract is Telecom NZ. This is the company that was publically humilated by the failure in a bit of kit made by... Alcatel-Lucent.

I assume that Alcatel-Lucent has made up with Telecom over recent years.


Alcatel Lucent stuff looks great on paper.......

Then you come to install and use it.

The DWDM 1830PSS and the 1850TSS, one made by Alcatel the other made by Lucent and a bodged overarching piece of software from a 3rd party to manage it all.

To paraphrase The Fast Show......In't buying new products from the cheapest bidder BRILLIANT!

Good luck NZ.


Obvious Troll

No self respecting Kiwi Company would do business with the Frogs.

The Kiwis still have protest lodged with the UN over the whole Rainbow Warrior event that the French continue to prevent from being discussed openly.

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