back to article Vodafone, Three fall under 'magical' iPad 2 spell

Three and Vodafone have joined Orange and T-Mobile - though these two are now essentially one and the same - to sign up to sell the iPad 2 when it arrives in the UK. Whenever that may be. Apple is sticking to the previously announced 25 March release date, but the widespread failure of many queueing Mac fans to leave US Apple …


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"Apple’s magical device"

Seriously? That's the approach these days? No it's not technology inside it's magic and pixie dust.

"Pay no attention to that Jobs behind the curtain!"

Jobs Horns

"Any sufficiently advanced technology"

Blah, blah, blah...

I wonder if this is laziness on the part of the telcos or legal requirements by Apple? "If you want to sell iPads (and you do, or else...) then you /will/ use our marketing blurb. Any deviation from the Word of Jobs(TM) will be deemed heresy and elminate any right you have to our products, may your crops wither and die and your testicles shrivel due to a strange tropical disease..."


Emptying the cupboards?

I see Three (or 3) are selling iPad1 16Gb version for £99 + £20 over 24 months with a 15GB per month data feed.

Still not interested.


Hasn't it been released already?

I mean, surely, what with the endless stories, I thought it had already been released?

It's hard to tell actual news from vaporware when Apple stories are concerned.

Anonymous Coward

Oh? Oh!

Can't blame them really. There must be a reason for it

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