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Consumers are keen on tablets, but big business is positively bonkers for them, if market watcher Canalys is to be believed. It reckons corporates will buy 1.12m iPads and other such gadgets this year, up from 20,410 they acquired in 2010. That's a growth rate of over 5397 per cent, Canalys said today. Tablet sales to …


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I can really see Fondleslabs of any make going big in the consumer market - but not so much in industry, as I would have thought that the laptop woudl be much more suitable to 'work on the go'. Certainly, a fondleslab is no good in my line of work - need a decent screen and a keyboard.

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My place likes them

Works well with Citrix for Office type apps.


I think it depends who you are

If you're an every-day employee then no, a tablet isn't going to do much for you. However, if you're a higher up that spends more time consuming content (be it spreadsheets, presentations, whatever) in meetings than creating it at your desk, then a tablet could be pretty useful.

And let's not forget- these are the same people that are in charge of the budgets...


I suspect hybrids like the eee pad slider

might be a few of these. I can think of several jobs here they would be perfect for.

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iPad is great for presentations

I hate to say it - if I can't get a bash shell it's not a computer - but the iPad is excellent for doing presentations.

First you connect it to a projector and it works !! No 10 minutes of messing around with Windows/laptop maker/graphic card makers incompatible setup screens.

Then it becomes a preview/remote control for the presentation, shows you thumbnails of all the slides, notes etc.

None of the projector showing your desktop for 5mins as all your corporate login stuff tries to work out why you aren't on the net, and then powerpoint startup and the powerpoint editing screen until you press f5 etc

Jobs Horns

people here like ipad

no other reason, just quality, brand, style, design, people here like ipad, they chase apple products.

Of course, I am a fan of apple, also I prefer an Android tablet, I like is open source

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