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Marshall, a name most widely associated with the kind of huge stacked guitar amplifier cabinets seen at stadium rock gigs, has launched two sets of headphones. The Marshall Minor is an in-ear set designed for mobile phones, and includes a mic on the inline remote control. Marshall Major Marshall's Major: definitely more Tom …


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Too good for the PC

I use them in my hifi most of the time - not the most expensive by far but infinitely better than my PCs onboard sound (yeah maybe I need an upgrade).

Far preferable to so called gaming headphones (a decent desk mic works just as well for voice and you can eat crisps without deafening people!).

ps. Can be had for less than the rainforest store, had mine from overclockers but shop around, a few places stock them now.


In 1968 maybe

"These cans,"

Anyone who listened to Steve Albini's comments whilst producing Cinerama will probably laugh as much as I did!

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Not really a 90%

I have these phones and was a bit disappointed with them. While the medium and high frequencies are very good I find the base quite weak and also they are a lot smaller than I at least imagined which means that if you have a big head and ears the pressure gets quite uncomfortable after about a half hour.

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How well do they reproduce...

the sound of cowbell?

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