back to article InterWorx admits password security FAIL led to attack on users

Web-hosting administration outfit InterWorx has warned users to change their passwords following a deep penetrating hack attack. The assault on the firm's support desk database exposed users' login credentials because the support desk software was storing email and password data in plain text. Users were strongly advised to …


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Just visited the website (owners of interworx) and also the interworx website and don't see any mention of this.

Nice to see the inc 5000 logos.

I love how smaller businesses continue to suffer when larger companies make mistakes.

We all have to sit back and get kicked around while these companies store sensitive information in plain text.

Having dealt with the nexcess guys I went through years of never being impressed with interworx however the company as a whole is one of the best out there..

It's ashame the protection of client information is at the end of their to-do list.

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