back to article Smartphones now half of Aussie browsing, says Nielsen

Smartphones are now the engine-room of digital content consumption, according to the Nielsen Australian Online Consumer Report. For the first time, mobile internet penetration has hit 50 per cent with smartphones in the hands of over a third of online Australians. "Following in the footprint of the smartphones evolution, …


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  1. Jacey

    Mobile Networks

    Of course more data is downloaded on fixed broadband - I'm sick of having to hit refresh 19 times on every page I want to view while I'm out and about because the Vodafone "3G" service is far from 3G

  2. Rattus Rattus

    They found that

    "fixed broadband users still downloaded more than ten times as much data as mobile broadband users."

    Um, well... Duh? It's because we have crappy (& greedy) providers. I have one of the largest mobile data limits I could get for my phone, but my home broadband still allows me a hundred and forty times as much data per month before they shape my connection. The mobile connection is not only tiny by comparison, but I have to keep a much closer eye on usage since they charge a ridiculous amount per kb after I reach the monthly limit.

    This report is meaningless when all it really says is consumers don't use a product that isn't offered - ie a large mobile data allowance.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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