back to article Betfair backs Gibraltar

Online betting exchange Betfair will work under a Gibraltar licence from tomorrow – but the move won't hit UK jobs. The company will stay incorporated in the UK and continue to pay UK corporation tax, it said, adding that no jobs would be lost. Betfair has offices in Hammersmith, Stevenage and Halifax. The firm said it had …


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Betfair are rogue!!

Maybe its easier to shaft players and get away with it under Gibraltar licensing than the UKs.

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Betfair are one amongst many bookies firms that have a presence in Gibraltar.


UK jobs are being lost

"The firm said it had moved key systems to Dublin and Gibraltar in recent months and opened new offices in both places, which together employ about 120 people."

Hence 120 jobs that would have been in the UK, if they had not decided to move systems out of the UK.

Given the investment choice, the company decided for whatever reason invest in place other than the UK. (maybe HMG should be looking at why this happened, and do something to prevent repition)


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