back to article South Korea blitzed by DDoSers

Multiple South Korean government websites have come under fire from a concerted denial of service attack. Local net security firm AhnLab reports that the South Korea's presidential office, the foreign ministry, the national intelligence service, US Forces stationed in South Korea and banks are among the targets of the packet- …


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Has someone in the South Korean government been saying something bad about Wikileaks?

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"Previous denial-of-service attacks on South Korean government and financial services websites, including a particularly severe assault in 2009, were initially blamed on North Korea before they were traced back to compromised systems in China.

North Korea is known to maintain an information warfare unit that targets enemies of the country, chiefly South Korea and the US. However it's unclear who's behind the latest assault, much less their motives."

Such wild speculation though is a Great Game for continuity of the prevailing chaos, but surely the aim of the game is not to get caught with your pants/knickers down ....... with the model intern giving you head and/or a roasting .....


South Korean spammer resistance to strike back?

Given the endless barrage from South Korean botnets of our websites with SQL injection attempts, comment spam, scraping, e-mail harvesting and the like, they are capable of mounting a major counter-strike if so inclined.


Perfect job security

"North Korea is known to maintain an information warfare unit that targets enemies of the country"

Looks like they have their work cut out for a few years.

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