back to article Nexenta: The fastest-growing storage start-up ever?

Nexenta is the fastest-growing storage start-up ever, based on customer growth, according to its sales and marketing veep, Jon Ash – faster even than NetApp in its early days. Nexenta, which provides the Open Solaris and ZFS-based NexentaStor software storage O/S, was founded in 2005 by Alex Aizmann and Dmitry Yusupov. There …


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  1. Timo

    tried the community version

    Tried NexentaStor community version - I aspired to build a ZFS-based NAS for home, with snapshotting and all that good stuff that ZFS brings. But Sun/Oracle's abandonment of Open Solaris rattled my confidence and I gave up.

    That and the thing almost worked. Documentation is at worst incorrect/outdated and non-existent at best. There wasn't enough critical mass in the forums/wiki's to be self-supporting.

    I suspect the paid versions have to be better but would it kill them to write stuff down once in a while?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Shame their pre-sales is crap...

    ... We were trying to trial NexentaStor with a view to a fairly sizable deployment - unfortunately they never did get around to working out why it wouldn't work at anything other than snails pace. So we decided not to bother.

    1. E Powell

      Sorry, can we help now

      Hi AC

      Sorry to hear about your bad presales experience. My only excuse w/d be that we are focused on existing customers. We get ~150 sales inquiries a day and do not always invest time in proper responses.

      If there is anything I can do to assist feel free to ping me directly at evan at and I'll get someone to focus on it.


  3. King1Con

    Using ZFS on my NAS now - adding more

    Bought some equipment off of eBay, set up a NAS with ZFS, filled up mirrored 1.5TB, adding mirrored 2TB drives to the pool now... faster rebuilds, more reliable, and easier usage than natively connected USB drives on several other operating systems clients that I tried.

    It was the last option tested (after all the other options either failed or was considered too unrelilable) - but it was the option that we kept because a crash of the client OS, power glitch, or kicking a cord, didn't cause a half day to rebuild the RAID.

    Yanking out the power cord between a server and the UPS or yanking a drive during an heavy I/O operation only causes a few seconds to rebuild the ZFS RAID - someone would be crazy to use anything else in a non-datacenter environment.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The Cloud is like a rather large fart

    Full of sound and fury but signifying nothing

    1. Oninoshiko


      Nexenta is a storage vendor, while you CAN use their products for "cloudy" things, nothing about their product is could specific. So maybe you can explain how this post is any more relevant here then on the latest article about Netapp or even Intel or AMD?

      Of course, maybe the Chris can explain to me why this article is filed under "cloud?"

  5. CloudPixies

    Scareing the big boys

    Nextenta, OpenIndiana and the other OpenSolaris children, scare the NetApp and EMCs of the world. There is no reason to pay their prices, its true that its not always the easiest to setup and use yet but most good IT admin can do it, and there are a number of small specialists who will do all the heavy lifting if required.

    We regularly build out SANs using OpenIndiana, and yet to have anybody not be impressed by the price/performance delivered using ZFS and OpenSolaris based systems.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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