back to article 'Linux kernel for the cloud' gets new government

Rackspace has overhauled the governance of OpenStack – the eight-month-old open source effort to build Amazon-like "infrastructure clouds" – relinquishing some of the control it gained by acquiring one of the project's other major contributors. After acquiring Anso Labs – the tiny outfit that built the Nova compute fabric …


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Linux for utility computing (clouds)

It is not surprising that Microsoft is involved at some level in this, However I hope that it is well understood that their reputation as a extend, embrace and extinguish organization is well understood and watched relentlessly by those who care about the future of standards that are truly open.

Microsoft's contamination of the ISO is well known within the open source community. They will use whatever means available to bias the direction of development towards a proprietary system that excludes everybody that is not under their control. Its their history.

Take a look at what fools they made of the ISO for the most recent evidence of this tactic. It is what they do, it is their nature.



I would be deeply nervous about any MS involvement, especially if the patents haven't been filed yet. I predict trouble.

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Glory ... whole shot climaxes in mission failure to get it up, and keep it up.

Let's hope that that wasn't their top secret satellite relay station that got sabotaged by gremlins in space today. The same problem too, apparently. What are the chances of that being a crazy coincidence rather than a malicious act, eh?

"Glory was carrying two instruments. One of its instruments would have measured the total energy coming from the Sun; the other would have looked at particles in the atmosphere that can trap that energy or scatter it back out into space.

Understanding both is vital to our ability to forecast future climate change." .....

Oh, I don't think so/How is that so? Measuring the total energy coming from the Sun is VITAL to our ability to forecast future climate change? Yor're 'aving' a larf, mate. Pull the other one, its got bells on it and rings for hundreds of millions of bucks.

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