back to article Nintendo readies iTunes-like app store for 3DS

Nintendo is to bring an iTunes-style app store to the Nintendo 3DS. Dubbed the eShop, the store will allow owners of the handheld console the opportunity to buy and download not only old Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, GameGear and TurboGrafx games but also "3D Classics" - titles recoded to take advantage of the 3DS' auto- …


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not selling like hotcakes in Japan and make your eyes hurt after a half hour. Wonder if they'll fix it pre US launch.


Do hot cakes sell well in Japan?

Google disagrees with you, apparently -


it will be regional locked, right?

they already hinted that the 3DS is going to be regional locked, so it won't surprise me if the digital store is regional locked as well.

the strange thing is.... publishers/developers are the ones who want the device to be regional locked! why don't they want my money?!

P.S. yes, I currently live in one of those _other_ regions, so this is important for me.


iPhone everything?

"Nintendo is to bring an iTunes-style app store to the Nintendo 3DS"

So it's nothing like the DSi or Wii shops then? One of which pre-dates the iPhone entirely? It there some unwritten law that every bloody tech article has to mention the iPhone or something?

I'm getting kinda sick of this now ...


How about some new games nintendo ?

Great, we can buy old games for extreme prices.


I am a big fan of Nintendo

I currently have a Wii and a DSi, and I still have some older consoles too.

The 3DS doesn't appeal though, I'm afraid. It does nothing that makes my DSi look obsolete to me.

3d is no good to me, I'm blind in one eye anyway.

The lineup of games announced so far isn't exactly exciting.

I am interested in playing some of the old gameboy games again, but I suspect I'd be much better off buying an old Gameboy Colour or Advance and hunting down the games I want to play, if I could be bothered.

Maybe when the DSi actually breaks... but it looks pretty healthy at the moment, so I expect we'll be on atleast the third revision of the 3DS by then, if not onto the next handheld.


Hope the 3DS is better than the VirtualBoy

I have a VB, and I can tell you that after a very short period of time, it gets very difficult to keep your concentration due to watering eyes and cramp in the neck/shoulders.

I suppose with the 3DS you can move around more than the VB, but I gave to say the VB games were pretty underwhelming in the 3D dept. Still Nintendo don't often drop the ball, but the VB was one of those times. I didn't pay much for mine as I got one during the fire sale clear out of the system and games. Certainly they are pushing the system very hard before release.

Now the Sega Nomad was a nice system to have at the time. MegaDrive / Genesis on the move. That bombed too.

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