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Data centre managers today need to get IT marching to the beat of the business and that means finely tuning the solutions and services they offer to get everything in step. On the 11th of March at 11am, we have a few special guests to talk us through the finer points of these challenges. Tim Phillips from The Register is host …


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Dead Vulture

Jumping Jesus on a Po-Go Stick

I've done plenty of business with both Microsoft and Avanade, and I could rattle off 10 companies that do services better (either internally or for external clients) without taking a breath or blinking an eye.

Sorry Reg, don't mean to speak too ill here - I'm sure there is a sponsorship angle in play here and *maybe* these are truly exceptional individuals... but we're talking about people from a Technology company and, for all intents and purposes, a subsidiary of the aforementioned Technology company.

A *LITTLE* variety would be nice here - I have no faith that these gents understand the complex world us real folks live in. Here's a hint... the average company has software licenses with *more* than one company. Crazy you say? Sure... but true.

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