back to article Ofcom shows average broadband speeds half advertised rate

UK communications watchdog Ofcom has slammed ISPs for failing to provide punters with broadband speeds that come close to their 'up to' claims. According to Ofcom, the average broadband speed over the last two months of 2010 was 6.2Mb/s. That's less than half - 45 per cent, in fact - of the average advertised broadband speed …


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Don't agree with this article

What ISP fails to product it's advertised rate? what isp does not say "up to"?

To be honest the issue is not about ISP's at all, they have almost no control over what speed your line sync's on BT's Openreach network. Yes all ISP's on DSL use the same network so the comparisons are always going to be roughly the same.

The fact that people don't get the maximum speed in the "up to" bracket is a limitation of the technology related to the distance from the phone exchange, ISP's are not holding back speed from people.

So I don't get the basis of the article? unless you are suggesting DSL should be scraped and a more expensive solution put in which would result in consumers paying allot more?


No surprise there

That really is no shock is it? We all know that what we pay for and what we get are two different things. Unless you are fortunate enough to be on Virgin's Cable network, which I am not, it runs past our home, but they say its too expensive to run a 5 metre cable to our house! :( Hence I'm stuck on their inferior and more costly 8Mb ADSL service of which I see 2Mb of that, tops :'( very unhappy bunny, I email 'Cable my street' weekly, but I think they ignore me now. (I even offered to cover the cost of installation, still no ball!).

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