back to article Watching you, watching me: Video in the workplace

There have been many false dawns for video collaboration at work. We've all bought videoconferencing systems for the board that don't get used, struggled to find a use for the video cameras on our laptops and waited for the promise of video phones to be delivered. But do the technologies, the standards and the networks we have …


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Video conferencing

Used it a lot for meetings with production facilities in other countries. It's very useful, except that what is always missing is a digital colaborative whiteboard. The share your desktop software from Cisco is OK, but still doesn't give you a digital colaborative whiteboard.

Anonymous Coward

Whats the beef?

Who hasn't used the cam feature in messenger?

The tools are there. It'll take some advertisers campaign (such as Apple's sucess) to make the populace see the benefit of using it.

Big Brother

Yes you can look into a meeting

But everyone one around the table always talk amongst themselves and to the chairman and the poor yobs at the end of the line feel disconnected.

Also everyone knows the real business is done before and after a meeting, so once you sign off you miss out on all the interesting politics.

The TV screen at the end of the table always feels like it's an addon, an also ran. Given as much credence as a Soap Opera.

What is annoying, at a meeting you crinkle a sweet paper and no one bats an eye lid, you do that on VC and all heads spin around faster than the Exorcist to see whats going on.

(also it makes me look fat(er))

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