back to article Tosh shows off snazzy external drive

Toshiba has introduced a snazzy-looking but oddly named line of external drives called STOR.E ART 4, with a 1.5TB model coming. There are four announced products, all using 2.5-inch drives, with 500, 640, and 750GB capacities and a 1TB range topper. They come in glossy black cases with capacity-coded colour accents: red for …


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  1. John Goodwin 4

    Green is the colour

    Sounds the best value for money at 6540Gb capacity.

    <Pedant mode now off>.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Encryption - but how is it supported?

    All very well having built-in encryption - great for a backup disk, etc, but how do you actually use it?

    I.e. how is the key configured, how secure is that to a compromised PC, etc? If they have some utility for managing the key, what OS are supported?

    Come on, do some investigating!

  3. Wommit

    I want

    a green one. A green one!!!!!!!

  4. Mr_Pitiful
    Thumb Up

    I'll take the green 6540Gb one please

    Wonder how many platters that will have!!

  5. ian 22

    Dosh for Tosh?

    Sprinting ahead of Apple- they've got a white one!

  6. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Software is key on this sort of thing.

    My wife bought a drive (Seagte, I think) and it's virtually impossible to work out whether a backup has happened and trying to get stuff back is a nightmare. They've "streamlined" the software so much (complete with pretty pictures) that there's almost no user interface left!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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