back to article EchoStar goes 2-way with Hughes acquisition

EchoStar is spending around $2bn to buy up Hughes Communications, adding fixed communications to the mobile acquisitions made by its subsidiary Dish Networks earlier this month. Dish Networks announced its plan to buy DBSD North America, the company formerly known as ICO, earlier this month; DBSD was bankrupt, but still worth …


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HughesNet a Real POS service

As a part-time computer tech I can attest to the extreme waste of money that the Satellite Internet here in the USA is. Especially HughesNet. I have yet to see a functional internet with that particular service. At one time DirecTV had stakes in Hughes but dropped it because it was taking time (wasted) and money (more wasted) just to keep the customers happy.

The reason, of course, is the latency of Satellite and the fact that if you don't have the dish aligned within 98-100% accuracy, you just are NOT going to get this monstrous pile of mierda to work correctly. Some people are getting even LESS speed than a traditional modem. Yes, less than 56Kbps speed of downloads.

Verizon in my area provides the USB stick for internet at either pay per use or with a month-to-month contract and if you can get a good signal, this is really the way to go if you are in a cable-dsl free area.

If you go to you can see what I am talking about. Just hunt for HughesNet.

I am glad to see that Poopert Murdoch is going to lose his ass to this faulty technology. Of course he has Faux-Saudi network to support this boondoggle.

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