back to article Windsor slaps News for NBN 'scare campaign'

Federal independent MP Tony Windsor has delivered a serve to NewsCorp for what he’s labelled a “scare campaign” against the National Broadband Network (NBN). Speaking to rural newspaper The Land, Windsor said the Murdoch media giant “has to be reminded from time to time that they are not the government”. Last week, visiting …


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What scare campaign?

"Last week, visiting the regional town of Armidale in NSW – an early NBN release site, and coincidentally in the electorate represented by Tony Windsor – Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said that the first area to be NBN-connected in that town had recorded a sign-on rate of more than 87 per cent."

Tasmania was the first, and it failed misrably. By that, I mean if you actually *ASK* any *REAL* people about the NBN in Tasmania, the usual response will be "NBN? What NBN? Not here mate".

Then again, anyone who takes anything Stephen "I know everything about the Internet" Conroy says at face value, is a big an idiot as Conroy himself.

Anonymous Coward

I used to live in Armidale

Nice little University town. They will be very pleased to finally have decent broadband.


Idiot opposition

When you get the likes of armchair no-it-alls, no-nothings sitting on the opposition benches in Parliament and the Murdochs of the world and right-wing think-tanks with their own sinister agendas spreading mis-information and out-and-out lies about the technologies behind the NBN it is no wonder the public is confused about what the technology represents and how it should be paid for.

Australia is a huge continent with a small population. Things like railways, highways and telecommunications networks must be at the very least subsidised and by necessity often fully funded by government otherwise they will never get built.

There would be no transcontinental railway or highways or nation wide copper based telecom networks if the Australian government had not have foot the bill. All these things are nation building infrastructure a modern society could not do without yet would not exist if we had waited for the private sector to build it. The government takes a long term view - 20, 50, 100 years when building these things. The private sector at best has a 10 year view. Investments that take 20 or more years to show their return are not things the private sector gets involved in.

Are any of the people opposed to the NBN seriously suggesting that the government of the day should not have built Australia's copper network? Or our national network of highways? Or our railways? Or our dams? Or our airports? None of these things would exist or at the least to the extent they do without government intervention. There is no escaping this simple, obvious fact.

Those opposed to the NBN often bang on about "new technologies which will supersede the NBN" - this is simply a lie. The very nature of the technology - photons travelling along optic fibre at light speed - ensures that nothing currently exists, let alone as a gleam in a scientists eye, which will be faster than light. It is unlikely we will find a new way of moving data faster than the speed of light anytime in the next 100 years. That might change some time after Zefram Cochrane invents a warp drive in the year 2063 but of course that is a fantasy - much like the arguments of the opponents of the NBN.

The gear at either end will continue to evolve until it will be a pure photons all the way from the source to your home computer's CPU and all the components attached to it. But this stuff attached to each end of the light-pipe is the easy and cheap stuff to replace as the tech advances. The major cost for the NBN is digging tens of thousands of kilometres of trenches and laying the optic cable. This is a one-off cost.


What a lot of rot you do talk!

"Investments that take 20 or more years to show their return are not things the private sector gets involved in."

a) How long ago did Lang Hancock see iron ore in the Pilbara and kick off the WA mining boom?

b) What did the Victorian (Labor) government do to the dual track of the Bendigo rail line? Turned it into a single track and called it the "High-Speed Regional Rail Link"

c) how many rail gauges are we cursed with in Australia? How many WERE we cursed with altogether, all by government decision?

d) Back to the Pilbara - how many rail gauges were built by the separate mining companies operating in the area - all the way from Paraburdoo and Mt Tom Price to the coast?

and finally

e) how does this government propose to demonstrate that there is ANY return, since they decline to publish a business case for the NBN?


Murdoch not the govt?

What country would that be? Seems like he almost rules the world these days.


Murdoch cabal

The Murdoch clan have been trying to act as an arm of the Government for 100 years.

Anonymous Coward

When you've finished with Tony Windsor...

...can we have him please? Irrespective of any general utility he may/may not have, I'd really really like just one MP who said things like that about old Rupe + his motley crew so loudly in public. Our 600 odd member invertebrate shit-storm is parked so far up the Diggers arse they probably no longer qualify for British citizenship, let alone an MPs salary + perks.



If you want to see proof of the scare mongering perpetrated by The Australian, just take a look at Whirlpool's news feed:

Have a look at EVERY SINGLE article posted on that site by The Australian, and you will quickly notice that every single one of them slams the government for the building of the NBN.

The sooner the NBN is built, the sooner outdated tycoons like Murdoch are relegated to the past.

Anonymous Coward

I wouldn't worry too much...

Ever since Tony Rabbit & his zoo crew chum Malcolm Turdbull put their feet in their mouths by suggesting the NBN be scrapped to pay for the Queensland flood disaster the anti-NBN army has been left in tatters not many could defend such a statement the opposition has been on their own on this one.

I am curious though the amount of vigor The Australian put into criticising the NBN, how is it that the internet filter hasn't had even more criticism from them, this to me is a far more concerning matter for the public oh sure we had the protests and whatnot but the media & the Liberal Partytards seem to be more concerned with this... makes you wonder.

oh yes Tony Windsor the whole world needs more politicians like him.

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