back to article Internet use disrupted in Bahrain as protests turn bloody

Internet traffic in and out of Bahrain showed a marked decline that coincided almost precisely with this week's start of citizen protests demanding government reforms in the small Persian Gulf country. Internet backbone traffic measured by Massachusetts-based Arbor Networks dropped by as much as 20 percent beginning on Monday, …


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Egypt, Bahrain and Israel (in Gaza) being just three of the countries

It is now apparent that the US has, for decades, been supplying a number of foreign states with warplanes, tanks, missiles, rockets and other military equipment that have been used for violent internal repression. Egypt, Bahrain and Israel (in Gaza) being just three of the countries now known to have used US supplied armaments to kill civilian demonstrators and/or pro-democracy activists.

America, the world’s most powerful democracy, has clearly been responsible for this reprehensible conduct throughout a number of different administrations including those of both Bush and Obama. The only viable explanation for such self-defeating and undemocratic action by both Republicans and Democrats is that they have succumbed to powerful pressure from politically-motivated, minority lobby groups representing foreign interests, in the House and Senate.

Until the American electorate wakes up to that which is tragically being done in its name, we in Europe, can only look forward to a nuclear-armed world that will eventually explode in our children’s faces, if not in ours.

Anonymous Coward

Had to get in the dig at Israel, didn't you?

Well, of course - it's about time someone stood up for Hamas, the helpless, downtrodden freedom fighters. Tell you what: why don't you head over to the west bank and join up? I'm sure they'd be happy to have you.

Also, you -do- realize that the governments currently under siege tend (Egypt excepted, obviously) to be the ones most vocally in support of Hamas and most violently opposed to Israel, right? So which will it be - you can't parrot the "Israel is the US puppet of evil" line spat by governments the likes of Iran's, and simultaneously cheer for the people who aim to overthrow them.

or, I guess you can - but it just makes it even more obvious that your real interest lies not in truth, consistency, or fairness, but in attacking Israel at every opportunity, even if it means cheering on people who teach children to blow themselves up in cafes.


@The Moderatrix

Please, do us all a favour and don't let this discussion turn into an irrelevant Pro/ Anti Israel rant fest...



@John RD Kidd

I speak as someone who has ruined my health and wealth by opposing US military flights to Israel through the UK, and who had friends in Gaza when the last massacre began. I disagree with your tone which seems to be the classic 'tail wagging the dog', that the innocent US is an unwitting victim of their domestic Israeli lobby.

I don't believe that. The US, or any global power, would be messing around in the Middle East whether Israel existed or not, simply because that is where the oil is.

Gaza was a war-crime supported by the US, but Fallujah was a greater crime without Israeli involvement. The UK army took part in the Fallujah massacre directly, and yet no Brit condemns that atrocity.

To demonise Israel and evil shits like Sharon is intellectually unbecoming when our own 'Middle East Peace Envoy' is Tony Blair. He remains worse than Thatcher, worse than Mugabe, worse than Ahmadinejad, worse even than Bush. We shouldn't go abroad to look for villians.

Israel has committed war crimes in my opinion, but we have done much worse more visibally.


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@John RD Kidd

It's not like that is news...

Black Helicopters

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"The disruption came on the fourth day of protests in Bahrain."

Actually we had net problems starting around Jan 28th but they got much worse from Feb 13th.

Speeds dropped significantly and routing went nuts (more so then usual). Normally Batelco routes across to Jeddah then up the Red sea to Italy, but during the disruption, there was a 300ms mystery jump from BH to FLAG's London node along with significant packet loss. It is back to a more normal 180ms now.

Rumour is that the government's Echelon-type system was turned up to 11 but wasn't there also a cable problem somewhere along the Red Sea too?

"Customers of Bahrainian telecom provider Batelco, faced internet 'service degradation'"


I also have a Viva connection (Saudi company) and that was affected as well, and friends have reported that MenaTelecom and Lightspeed (Jordanian company) also had problems.

I suspect a lot of the foreign media who were reporting Internet problems are just not used to having every website 200ms or more away, or were reporting from hotels with weedy shared Internet connections; a side effect of the cost of decent connections out here due to Government price regulation (to "encourage competition").

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