back to article NetApp still smashing the competition

NetApp carried on steamrollering EMC and other competitors by growing faster than the market in its third fiscal 2011 quarter, with a 25 per cent jump in revenues and a 60 per cent hike in profits. It's making more headway selling storage to VMware customers than VMware owner EMC. Revenues rose to $1.268bn compared to $1. …


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Looks like EMC is struggling

Thankfully EMC has VMware equity so they don't evaporate fast. Benchmarks are good if it is done with intention to help customers but EMC does with 2 or 3 backend enterprise arrays with irrelevant flash disks and so on.

For every challenge EMC gives me a product. The new unified sounds like uncooked rice and vegetables in a single pot. When will they cook it? Unisphere is a menu card crap well used to fox the customers. It opens up the same tab as Celerra and guess what I can write better program than that.

I respect EMC technology only for phenomenal Symmetrix team. Rest all are good slide wares. We are seriously thinking NetApp.

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We selected Netapp over EMC for a NAS gateway to serve up CIFS shares in replacement of a Novell cluster, summer last year.

A big chunk of the support team are wishing we'd never made that particular choice. The overhead on the Netapp filer is atrocious. It kills off about 40% of our allocated space by the time we get it in the aggregate, though dedupe does get that number down some, but not near as much as advertised. I'd seriously have a good review of ALL the specs, and not just the fluff that pre-sales will give you, before committing.

Agree on the Symm though. I've worked on Symmetrix since '99, ( 3430, 3930, 8730, DMX 1000, DMX 2000 and VMAX starting in April ) and they're solid.


Yes But...................

They may be doing well in the mainstream I am a "big bank" market but there are sectors where thay are getting mashed, Isilon, and aggregate sizes (and who owns them now!) DDN, beat them on throughput and density, plus others . on the plus side if they made their minds up regarding their Storagegrid product and sold it standalone instead of insisting it only sells with Net App hardware they would see a lot more incremental business from the sort of people who tried and gave up on Acopia.



Ummm did you have NetApp write that for you?

How can you say that NetApp is steamrolling EMC with a straight face? I'm wondering if the author decided to just take the day off and asked NetApp to write the article for him.

i.e. less than a month ago TheReg posted an article with EMC having:

"Revenues are up 19 per cent year-on-year for its fourth 2010 quarter (Q4) to $4.9bn, while full year revenues were up 21 per cent to $17bn. Net income for Q4 was $628.6m, a 61 per cent jump, but the full year profits jump of 75 per cent to $1.9bn eclipsed that."

Even more proof of the authors just being lazy and letting NetApp write the article it for him. NetApp has since been downgraded left and right after the report of this "supposed steamrolling" of all others, heck it lost 8% of it's stock value after this report.

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