back to article Chinese mobile malware powers click-fraud scam

Malware writers are trying to infect Chinese users of Android smartphones with a Trojan that poses as a wallpaper for the smartphone's screen or other legitimate applications, such as the popular game RoboDefense. The mobile malware, dubbed Adrd or alternatively HongTouTou, has been seeded onto third-party mobile app stores in …


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  1. pan2008


    Adroid riddled with viruses, goobye...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    You know you have arrived

    when your OS is both open enough and popular enough to attract malware writers.

    New business opportunity here for mobile telco providers, be the first to offer malware protection (not the current rhetoric)

  3. Badwolf

    Abort / Retry / Fail

    "Sorry I didn't call you darling, my phone is riddled with viruses..........."

    Damn, I DO love my iPhone

    1. Alan Birtles

      re: (untitled)

      these aren't viruses they are trojan horses. there is a big difference, viruses are self propagating, trojan horses require the user to be fooled into installing them. the android trojan horses are quite limited at the moment due to android's security measures. they can only do things normal apps can do and wont be able to disrupt the phones operation (apart from maybe running up large data bills and using up credit)

      1. Mitch Kent


        The point often forgotten about here is that you have to install these things yourself, and frankly the second you start searching the 3rd party markets is the second you start really scrutinising what the apps security permissions are.

        And yes, there are some people who don't know what this mean, but most of them are caught by also not knowing how to install 3rd party apps in the third place...

  4. Adze

    "The official Android Market is not affected."

    @Badwolf... you bought it, you didn't invent it. How's the conscience by the way?

  5. Framitz


    I knew there was good reason to install Lookout on my phone.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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