back to article Telcos plan to capitalise on the data explosion

Barcelona is abuzz with predictions for the forthcoming explosion in mobile data, but more interesting are the predictions about how users are going to pay for it. The predictions for data traffic over the next few years range from 25 times (Ericsson) to 270 times (Hauwei), and operators are starting to look at more …


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I refuse to enoble a simple forum post!

Hmmmm.... insert advertising into my data stream....

Now, if the data tarrif were priced accordingly, IE low'ish', then fine if it isn't then they can feck off.

I'd probably pay for a premium service that didn't include the crap providing it was a reasonable price.

Most of my usage is data these days, not that I stream videos and the like, web surfin' and email type stuff + texts, very little actual phone call data. I'm not a big user, so would be happy to stick with my current package/price

Meanwhile back on earth.... ha ha ha ha haaaa hahha hhahhahha haa hhaahhhahhhh.

We're probably gonna expect to be bent over while they lift our wallets.


No thanks

Time to route all my mobile data via my home server (encrypted of course)?

Not yet, but if mobile networks start inserting links into my traffic and 'optimising' my audio/video I will be looking into it.

When will mobile operators realise that no-one wants any of their 'value added' services, just let me make calls, send texts, and have an unadulterated connection to the internet.


Scumsucking Bottom Feeders

The Telco's already "realise" that this is all their customers want. Unfortunately, what you and I want is of no importance to Mega Telco Corp, whose greatest of all fears is being relegated to becoming a bit schlepping utility ala the water, gas and electricity companies.

Becoming an Internet access utility is of course inevitable, but it won't happen before we see several more of these failed attempts to "value add" a service which is basically just a pipe with bits coming out of it. What they want to do is akin to the water company adding Kool Aid to the water and then trying to charge extra for it.

It just aint gonna happen.

Nobody wants it. Not one person who isn't employed by Mega Telco Corp. But these numpties are nevertheless determined to try and force this crap on the market and they have been trying since the late nineties, so far with zero success. The trouble is that so long as there are *any* reasonably priced and unadulterated data plans available then consumers will stick to them like magnets to fridge.

The only way they can win is if the entire industry colludes with each other to ensure that no mobile operators offer unadulterated plans, which is highly unlikely.

Even if they manage it then all it takes is one upstart to come along and start undercutting the incumbents and it is game over once more.

Big Brother

Apart from, it is utterly illegal in the UK

Examining the content of communications without consent from both parties is illegal interception.

Changing the content of a third party web site, inserted ads/banners and other crap, is a copyright/trademark infringement, computer misuse, and possibly even fraud.

Apart from legal concerns, doing so completely debases the integrity of the telecommunication system. You can no longer trust anything you see.

And while encryption may offer limited protection from these crooks, if these cocks start throttling encrypted traffic too, it will become unusable.

Sadly here in the UK, it seems our regulators are too corrupt, incompetent and lazy to protect consumers and national economic interests from such mindless stupidity.

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You got there first

I was about to say isn't this a bit like a RIPA infringement a la Phorm? Surely this would also remove any such claims to common carrier status as they are then interfering with and adding to the received data.


Not the target market a rather low usage mobile phone user I guess that I am not the target market. Given what I have just read I can see that I never will be a 'mobile data' user. Why pay more for distorted/rehashed/compressed and in some cases unwanted data? When I want data I am sat at the PC, when I am mobile all I need is the ability to make or receive (mobile) voice calls.

Who can drive and web surf?



Option 3

users drastically cut back on data usage or even *gasp* cancel data usage all togheter...

Atlesat that's what I'll do if shit like this would start happening...

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Nothing new there then.

(as title)


Can we nuke them from orbit?


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