back to article Toshiba previews TV UI for cloud content

Toshiba today gave a sneak peek of the internet-TV-and-then-some user interface it plans to build into a number of its HDTVs later this year. Called Toshiba Places, the smooth-looking UI goes beyond the more basic internet TV interfaces we've seen from the likes of Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG, to offer not just IPTV …


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I would like to trial this, as for the world cup we got the new LED Samsung with DLNA and IPTV etc. But samsungs app on the tv not only take ages to load and sync but the DLNA implementation is not what you'd call easy to use. For a techy its fine, but for mum and dad they just refuse to wait more than a few seconds for anything on the tele. They still moan about the time it takes to change channel on cable, "its just not what it used to be"

If this new UI from Tosh can actually run smoothly and doesnt make you wait 1minute+ for stuff you have in the cloud then it has half a chance of succeeding, if it lags like all the others, it will just be forgotten, or not noticed in the first place!

Anonymous Coward

Do we really need

this kind of walled garden approach? All the advertised services are already available on the web, so why not just build in a web browser?

I suppose video delivery to the browser is a bit of a touchy subject, but surely not an insuperable problem. And all modern TVs already support H.264.

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