back to article Samsung readies Android-based iPod Touch killer

Samsung has launched its latest media player, and it's a clear case of 'iPod Touch meets Android'. It even looks a lot like the early Touches. The Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 borrows branding from Samsung's smartphone line, along with the kind of 4in, 480 x 800 LCD touchscreen, 1GHz processor, front and rear cameras - 0.3Mp and 3.2MP, …


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  1. Toastan Buttar
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    If it has Flash... could truly be an iPod Touch Killer. It'll be interesting to see pricings.

  2. Brian 6

    This will need to be cheap.

    This will need to be cheap. £99 maybe. Any more and all is lost.

  3. Mark York 3 Silver badge
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    Exactly The Same As My Galaxy S

    This would do nicely for my youngest, who is always asking to play Angry Birds on my Galaxy S.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Looks nice

    Looks nice, but the price will decide whether or not it will sell.

    That's been a big problem with Samsung's other offerings so far.

    But I will certainly be interested.

  5. Thomas 18

    So its a Galaxy S

    But without the phone part, why would anyone buy this? Unless you don't carry a mobile phone around why would you want 2 devices in your pockets occupying twice the space with a big overlap in function.

    Although that goes for the failpod touch too, can't imagine why people buy those but then they are apple fanbois so who can tell their motives.

  6. Gangsta



    Its called the Galaxy S WiFi 4.0

    bit of a mouthful isn't it?

    Surely it would make more sense if it would be called something at least easier to say like "iPod Touch"

    Galaxy WiFi ?

  7. netean
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    Not only nice looking and feature rich, but (for me) the major selling point is that it won't REQUIRE iTunes. Even at version 10 iTunes is still a pile of slow, bloated crap.

    1. Code Monkey
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      It's the Angry Birds

      Personally I've no use for this but I can see parents getting their (lucky) kids one to stop them nicking their phones to play Angry Birds.

    2. ThomH Silver badge

      That's not the way most people see it

      Their machines are already bloated monstrosities because their manufacturer helpfully included McAffee, etc. So the main experience of iTunes is that when they plug the device in, it just sorts itself out. No need to do anything manual whatsoever. Easy.

      Nevertheless, a version that didn't seem primarily built of treacle is something Apple really should invest in.

    3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      failpod touch... Seriously

      Deary, deary me...

      I don't really see your problem. They've sold lots, so certain people obviously like a particular device you don't. That doesn't make them stupid, they just have different requirements.

      As for why would you want 2 devices, here's a couple of suggestions:

      First and most obvious is battery. iOS and Android ones tend to be heavy on the battery, and crap out after a day of moderate use. Add in an hour of watching some telly on the train, and you can't get your work done.

      Then you've got the people with work smartphones, who may not want their personal email on their work device. This, tethered to a MiFi or other smartphone can be a combined emailer, diary, address book and games/media device.

      Personally I have a cheap, dumb-phone. I like it. It's simple, the battery lasts ages, I can make 3 hours of calls in a day and still have enough charge for tomorrow. I can read the screen in sunlight. I can drop it. And it's got large text, so I can make calls without my reading glasses. If I get a smartphone I lose a lot of this. But if I get a cheap(ish) iPod touch / Android mp3, then I could have semi-mobile internet and email, plus games and music.

      My phone is for work. I can't justify a smartphone (or the data contract), so I'd have to carry 2 devices anyway.

      I'll probably go for a smartphone myself in the end. But it doesn't stop the other being a sensible choice. Especially as Samsung appear to have stuck GPS on it.

  8. D@v3

    I find these devices odd

    Due to the growing proliferation of 'smart phones' I find that the continued push of these type of devices a little strange.

    These (and iPod touches) must be aimed at people, without smart phones, otherwise, are they expecting us to carry around essentially 2 of the same item?

    I think sometimes people forget that the phone versions do all the MP3 player stuff as well.

    I saw the other day, someone on the train, doing something (playing /listening/watching) with what looked like a first gen iPod Touch, before putting it in their pocket, and taking an iPhone4 out of their other pocket to do some texting.

  9. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Sounds intresting

    I have a 2nd gen touch and the biggest problem is Apple control freakery. I was interested in upgrading but I'm getting sick of having to jail break my current iPod ever time I want to install an update or hearing about the latest app to get killed, so I've been waiting for something with similar features or better that is not from Apple. I'll be looking for real reviews to see if this is it.

    I just hope Samsung don't fine some way to screw it up, and that it shows up in Canada.

  10. jai


    friend of mine had an old 1st gen ipod touch for playing games on the train to work and when looking for a phone got the Galaxy S as he figured he could play games on that and only carry one device

    he still uses the old ipod touch to play games each day, because even on the old machine, there are more games worth playing on the ipod touch than there are available on the android platform. he's been patiently waiting for the marketplace to improve, but so far he's still having to carry around two devices.

    when his contract is up on the Galaxy S, he says he's getting an iphone next.

    so while

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      The Sony push will help

      The Playstation phone is Android based, with Playstation games to be sold via the Google Marketplace. That should do wonders.

  11. Lottie

    Could be good

    Price and, most importantly for a PMP, battery life will be the main point on which it will stand or fall.

    Looks lovely, but my current mp3 player goes a good couple of weeks on one charge and although the Samsung can display movies etc, it's still a lot of screen real estate to light up when just choosing a track.

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