back to article Qualcomm paints Gobi as WiMAX successor

Chip giant Qualcomm reckons its new Gobi chip will provide the standard connectivity that Intel planned, and failed to deliver, with WiMAX. Not that the new Gobi3000 incorporates any new networking technology, though it does provide HSPA at twice the download rate of its predecessor while still supporting CDMA and earlier …


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As the romans used to say: "Look who profits from this".

He anticipates a return to the time when only a handful of companies had the skill to create working radio circuits, and is confident that Qualcomm will be amongst that number.

And charging I typically Qualcommy royalty I guess... The joy of being an unrestrained monopoly...

Both the European Commission and the Feds will live to regret allowing a hodge-podge of spectrum to be used in a hodge-podge manner. However as "spectrum" is done by one hand while the competition by another it will take some time until the realisation settles in.

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