back to article AMD cranks up Opteron clocks

Advanced Micro Devices is firing off the first salvo in the ongoing x64 war between Intel and itself, revving up its high-end Opteron 6100 processors to try to get a bit more market share. The crank on the eight-core and twelve-core "Magny-Cours" processors, which debuted last March, is not huge, so don't get too excited. AMD …


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Product Launch missed opportunity

"Fruehe says that Interlagos will go into production in the second quarter...Interlagos will be "first through the pipe" to put more pressure on Intel and try to get some year-end server market share"

Sorry AMD, but with Sandy Bridge-based Xeons being pumped out well before your Bulldozer cores, you're in for more of the same no-sale environment that the Xeon 5500/5600 presented. Even with the chipset recall delaying release. Had you pushed Bulldozer out on desktops by May, you might have still been in the market.

It's a sad, sad day (or couple years at the least....)

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