back to article Sandy Bridge MacBook Airs inbound

Apple will update its MacBook Air family of ultra-skinny laptops with Intel's second-generation Core i chips in Q2. A mole said to be familiar with Apple's plans whispered to Cnet that the update will come in June. The 11.6in and 13.3in Air currently contain Core 2 Duo CPUs and Nvidia chipsets. Switching to Sandy Bridge …


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  1. Richard Tobin


    I would have thought laptops like the MacBook Air could avoid the chipset bug, as two of the SATA ports work and Apply can control which ones are used.

  2. BingBong

    Give them a backlit keyboard and I'm sold.

    The Airs are lovely kit but my 2009 MacBook Pro still beats them on one important thing for me, a backlit keyboard. Fix that and I'll consider them for a future upgrade - I do not want to buy another laptop without the back lighting its just so useful.

    The Airs are the future of laptops, lightweight, small, good processors, unibody solid metal build (imagine what the Liquidmetal version would be like!) and SSDs.

  3. Ammaross Danan


    "Switching to Sandy Bridge processors would allow Apple to modernise the line's processor and use cheaper Intel graphics without too much of a performance hit."

    But will the cost savings be passed on to the consumer? I hope so. About time they updated the Air to a modern processor.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Apple using current gen chips in their products?

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