back to article Novell and HP wave SUSE x64 cluster deal

Systems software maker Novell has announced today a special deal for customers building clusters with its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. If you cluster servers with the company's High Availability Extensions, you get those extensions for free. There's all sorts of other gimmes too, and the deal runs through June this year. …


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@Henry Helmet

What star system are you from? Win Server surpassed Netware many, many, many moons ago. How the heck do you think it has become so successful?

Netware was dying 15 years ago and 10 years ago Windows XP and Windows 2003 server were taking over desktops and data centers the world over.

AD beats eDirectory in TCO. Nuff aid, that's what really matters.

Identity Manager is still a market leader, but invesment in its development of late has been weak.

It's not the marketing that has failed Novell, it's simply that the competition has better offerings at lesser TCO.


This post has been deleted by its author

This topic is closed for new posts.


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