back to article Verizon iPhone 4 jailbroken – already

Verizon's CDMA-equipped iPhone 4 won't appear in stores until this Thursday, but it has already been jailbroken. Last Friday and Saturday, the ever-helpful folks of the Chronic Dev Team rolled out new versions of their easy-as-pie jailbreaking app, greenpois0n, announcing in the apps' Read Me files that "Verizon iPhone 4 is …


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  1. John Gamble

    Not My Phone, But...

    I don't have an iPhone, and have no opinion on jailbreaking it, but that's all immaterial because greenpois0n has one of the best logos ever, and it needed to be said.

    Yours for irrelevant comments...

  2. Cameron Colley

    Why bother?

    Why not just stop buying phones from a company which doesn't want to use the hardware you paid them for as you want to?

    Jailbreaking an iPhone just makes you a git who likes to pay to to promote Apple's products and practices, but then decides to pretend to be clever.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Cameron: A tad excessive perhaps?

      If you were to use that logic, you certainly wouldn't buy any games consoles, and probably not any software from any vendor, once you read the EULAs.

      On the jailbreaker=git assertion you make, I'll leave that for others to comment as I do not have a jailbroken iPhone so feel less invested ;-)

      1. Cameron Colley

        @Anonymous Coward


        By buying something that is locked down you are condoning the practice and encouraging it to go further. If you buy a PS3 now you are acknowledging that it is OK for Sony to take away functionality from you after your purchase. If you "buy" an iPhone you are asserting that it is fine for Apple to telll you what you can and cannot install on the phone you are leasing and that all your book purchases should be through Apple with a 30% cut.

        If nobody bought these things then the practices would stop. If you're ignorant of the issues then you may have some excuse but if you're savvy enough to jailbreak then you're savvy enough to know you're complicit in the corporations' actions.

        If I buy a case of AK47s, melt them down, and turn them into prams for an orphanage I'm still supporting the arms industry*...

        *extreme example I know, but it was the simplest that came to mind

        1. g e

          Consoles != Phones

          There's a huge choice of phones but all major consoles are under the thumb of the manufacturer - SONY, Nintendo, Microsoft.

          I have no interest in modding the consoles, the PS3 especially works really well (yes I have Xbox360 & Wii to compare with) and I have my own Linux boxes for Linux-y stuff.

          If you don't like a locked-down phone you CAN go and buy one that isn't from elsewhere without dicking around with jailbreaking...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Will jailbreaking make the phone work with GSM networks?

    If not, what would be the point? Also does the iphone use sim cards? I know nothing about the iphone. Just asking.

    1. Laie Techie

      Why Jailbreak?

      Jailbreaking will allow you to install apps not sanctioned by St. Jobs. It won't change the hardware, so it will still only be able to connect to the CDMA networks

      1. Affian


        It has a GSM chip in it, just no aerial hooked up if I remember correctly so it could be possible to jailbreak it and attach an aerial to the GSM.

        1. Dazed and Confused Silver badge

          Just a thought...

          but if you hold it right you might be able to turn the CDMA aerial into a GSM one

          mines the one without the iPhone in the pocket.

  4. A 31
    Thumb Up

    Camoron trolley

    "Jailbreaking an iPhone just makes you a git who likes to pay to to promote Apple's products and practices, but then decides to pretend to be clever"

    maaan, you got me there, to think I thought I was being clever, and now I find out I am just a git

    thank god for enlighten people, I just learn so much ...

    Now for a real comment,a rather than a cretinous one,


    One of the interesting things about jailbreaking, is to gain full ssh access, this allows for quite a plyful use of the phone. One of the best ones being using apps like pdaNet from cydia or rock (app repositories) , to plug your iphone on your laptop , use it as a router, and vpn through it.

    Another thing I quite like to use ssh for , is to run VLC for iphone, from my laptop at work, I can remote control the phone, using IM clients on it, allowing me to use my own IM at work (usually bloked), via 3G connection, but typing with a real keyboard, rather than a phone one.

    an many more ...

    Mr git.

    1. g e


      Get an Android phone and install the freely available ConnectBot SSH client and perhaps AndFTP for SFTP file management.


      And no dicking around with jailbreaking something you bought cos it was shiny but couldn't do what most other phones can.

  5. uhuznaa

    On the other hand...

    The jailbreak "community" is the most childish thing I've seen in IT in a long while. They're also not very open in any way. No documentation, no source code, no release notes, no changelogs, nothing. You let an undocumented application modify your phone's OS in an undocumented way, let it disable code signing and everything and then you install more undocumented binaries from people with no names. For much of it you even have to pay then.

    Not liking to have Apple control your phone is one thing. Allowing a bunch of nameless hackers to modify and control your phone isn't necessarily a better thing. It's like escaping from the walled garden into a lawless slum full of bragging people wearing face masks.

    (Disclaimer: I have an iPhone and it's jailbroken. I'm on pre-paid though and never would use my credit card or do any kind of banking with it.)

  6. cyberdemon

    @anon 22:25

    I don't know about Cameron, but this is precisely why I DON'T buy any consoles, or buy software from any vendor.

    Jailbrakers _ARE_ gits. Buy a N900.

  7. Dazed and Confused Silver badge

    jail breaking

    Why is it now legal in the US to jailbreak an iPhone but not a PS3?

    Could it be those in power fancy dodgy content on an iPhone but don't want their kids to mess with their PS3?

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