back to article Credit report resellers settle charges over data breaches

Three resellers of credit information have settled federal charges they didn't do enough to prevent security breaches that exposed sensitive consumer information to hackers. The companies – Washington state-based ACRAnet Inc. and SettlementOne Credit Corporation and Statewide Credit Services of California – have agreed to …


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Anonymous Coward

if this had happened in the UK....

The ICO would have said - Dont worry, nothing much happened and nothing to see here. Move on and please dont do this again. But dont worry i will not scold you...promise.

Big Brother

Plausibly deniable

Would it seem that these outfits in the UK sell on the names and details of those who've asked for their credit reports? No, of course not. There's no co-incidence that the amount of junk mail and phone calls has all of a sudden jumped from nothing at all to every other day.

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