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Ofcom has detailed how existing mobile spectrum will be traded between companies, and how the 3G licences will be extended, both necessary precursors to its proposals for next year's mega-auction. The two new proposals from Ofcom contain no surprises, being descriptions of how to implement changes already proposed and largely …


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What about new networks and technologies?

Canada now has moved the newest cell voice networks in to the 2+ GHz range in addition to the 900 and 1800MHz bands.

Will the new UK spectrum plan preclude/lock-out new entrants into the business?

If it does it seems that the public could lose out, again.

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Re: What about new networks and technologies?

UMTS over here is located at 2100MHz. if you look at earlier articles on this site, you will see that O2 now have permission to operate it in their current 2G slots at 900Mhz, and have placed and order for the kit to do so.

I thought Canada operated in the 850MHz / 1900MHz bands, which is why you need at least a tri-band, and ideally a quad band phone to roam over there.

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