back to article Intel, Google, Facebook back Obama startup love

Intel, IBM, HP, Google, and Facebook are putting their money where the mouths are in support of the Obama administration's new business-boosting initiative, the Startup America Partnership. Well, some are giving more mouth than money. "Entrepreneurs embody the promise of America: the idea that if you have a good idea and are …


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Anonymous Coward

Probably best without Apple involvement

Bearing in mind the terms of usage that you have to accept if you've given them money to have one of their products (either explicitly via T&Cs or implicitly through restrictions on providers of 3rd party products that you want to use), can you imagine what hoops they'd have people jumping through in exchange for funding?

Year 1: Of course you can have funding for your business doing X, as long as you sign this contract to say you'll only use Apple products.

Year 2: We've decided that anyone using Apple products for X has to do it through our distribution channels. To preserve the 'experience' of course. By the way, we want 30%. Don't like that arrangement? You should have a chat with our team of lawyers about that - that'll be them knocking on your door right now...

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