back to article Quantum and NEC claim dedupe speed records

For sheer high-end deduplication grunt, no one comes close to NEC and its HYDRAstore, but Quantum is claiming the entry-level and mid-range dedupe speed laurels with its revamped DXi software. Version two of this software, with a revamped inline data flow, is available for the DXi 4500 entry-level and 6500 mid-range systems. …


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So What?

Great work Quantum/NEC, but why don't you tell us about un-deduping - rapidly putting it all back together and rehydrating complex data. And what if the meta tables corrupt or flip a bit?

Un deduping critical data can be like trying to unscramble eggs. It's scary that so many are buying the dedupe hype. It certainly does not offer any advantage to already-compressed databases, or graphical/image data. OK for exchange and file print I guess.

Sainsburys hanging their hat on Dedupe spings to mind - it is just a question of when and how badly it goes wrong.. And who gets burned. Not EMC that's for sure.

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